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The Tender Process

We will provide you with:
  • first hand information of the existence of any Public Tender;
  • assistance in purchasing the Tender Documentation on your company's behalf;
  • reporting of all necessary documents within the Tender Documentation;
  • support in the elaboration and organization of all the requested documentation;
  • the requested answers to technical queries you may have;
  • organized meetings and visits to installation premises in order to further obtain elements that help in the elaboration of the technical proposal;
  • support in the compilation of the complete proposal and its respective documents as required in the Tender Contest;
  • support at the attendance in the Public Act of Opening of the Proposals;
  • reporting of competitive companies, prices, timings and other information of interest;
  • a continuous accompaniment through the evaluation phase of the proposals;
  • support in supplying answers to the requested queries posed by the responsible company for the Contest;
  • assistance in reaching an agreed contract with the Customer covering all technical and commercial aspects;
  • assistance in helping you achieve the best available terms and conditions.
If you need further information about our services:

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