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Tradegal is a trading company that works predominantly in the transport industry, becoming, within the last years, the company in Portugal that has contributed to winning the highest number of orders in the transport investments.

Our office is in the centre of Lisbon and we maintain very strong contacts within the transport companies and government authorities. Within the last years, Tradegal has been involved in projects with a total value of 60 Million Euros within the different sectors of the transport industry.

Tradegal represents more than 20 companies of various countries, primarily from the European Community, working on a contractually exclusive basis.

If your company is interested in marketing and selling products in the Portuguese Market, we can offer one of the following possibilities:
  • to sign a long-term Agency Agreement on an exclusive basis for a period of at least three years;
  • to sign a short-term Agency Agreement on an exclusive basis for a particular tender or customer.
Signing an Agency Agreement with Tradegal will guarantee the following services to your company:

Tradegal, whilst representing other companies will not:
Act as an independent trader with regard to our customers;
  • Buy and sell products in its own name or for its own account;
  • Alter contract terms and conditions to the potential clients.

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