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Kaal Masten

Company History
KAAL MASTEN is a Dutch company; founded in 1947. KAAL MASTEN is known as the leading manufacturer of masts; currently KAAL MASTEN is the biggest manufacturer of this kind of products in the Netherlands and exports over Europe and outside of Europe.

KAAL MASTEN products are used for several proposes: Catenary, Lighting, Advertising, Telecommunication, Security, Cameras and design masts for city projects.
Product Range
Catenary masts

-for trains, tram, subway and trolleybuses

The catenaries masts are used for overhead cables, but also for other applications, like span line lighting
KAAL MASTER offers a complete range of catenaries masts:

-round, round-conical and cylindrical tapered masts
- 6 or 8-sided conical catenaries masts: available in one piece up to 17m; plate thickness up to 30 mm.                          -
- HEA or HEB section masts: any type and length available.
- Cylindrical lower section with conical top section.

Light masts

-Public Lighting
-Ornamental Lighting
-Sports field lighting
-Premises lighting
-Line Lighting
-Kaal fix fastener (extra safety and protection to masts doors, which prevent that doors get vandalized and disappear)

Traffic masts

-Traffic control installations (traffic-lights, railway control, CCTV)
-Long Overhead arm masts
-Turnable traffic masts

But also

Communication masts
Advertising masts
Camera masts


-signal, beacon and radar masts
-anemometer masts
-airport approach lighting
-city projects and Artwork
-multi Purpose Truck


-ISO-EN-ISO 9001:2000
-KAAL MASTER CO2 neutral

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