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Company History
Since 1920 SOCOFER specializing in designing and manufacturing self propelled vehicles dedicated to railway infrastructure maintenance and rail traction customized to the client’s request. Their customers are Railways Networks, Underground and Private Companies  throughout the world.

Product Range
Permanent Way and Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Cars:
Unique Maintenance vehicles:
  • Self-propelled dual crane vehicle: vehicle with two double cranes up to 28T
  • Crane Car: vehicle designed for handling and transporting 18m rails and elements such as frogs and switch gears from 1 to 4 tons
  • Tunnel Inspection Vehicle: vehicle equipped with aerial basket and platform ideal to work in tunnels
  • Self Propelled Catenary Vehicle: self-propelled on workplace with crane, aerial basket and platform
  • Track Recording Car for automatic measurement of expansion gaps
  • Multi-purpose vehicle: modular vehicle for different track works, with cranes, platforms, baskets, cleaning module, weed spraying module, APU module, …
Track Motor Cars:
  • Track Motor Cars with several possible configurations: cranes, platforms, baskets, tilting platforms…
  • Worktrain locomotive: max speed 80km/h, diesel-hydraulic traction, trail loads from 180 to 800T
  • Shunting locomotives: several models, diesel-hydraulic traction. Special model designed for extreme conditions (temperatures -10º to + 48ºC, sand filters on air inlet for use in dusty and sandy areas)
  • Locomotive Re-powering, modernization and refurbishing to meet latest standards.
SOCOFER customers are majors Railways Networks, Underground Metro and private companies on international basis such as SNCF, RATP, NYCT, EUROTUNNEL, CP, MALASYA RAPIDKL, CAIRO METRO, SEOUL METRO, MILAN ATM, ROME ATAC, STIB and many more…

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