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Company History
STARMON was established in 1993 and is located in the Czech Republic.
The company specializes in Safety Technologies for Railways, Diagnostic Systems and Informatics.
Product Range
K2002 – Electronic interlocking device
Setting and cancelling of trains and shunting routes; independent points and derailing switching; electromagnetic locks control and control of level crossings signalling devices, remote control possibility.

DISTA – Safety device diagnostic
Information about the station and line interlocking system; evaluation of rail circuits occupancy; voltage on rail circuits; isolation status; values of AC/DC voltage; Signals on line section semaphores and the checking of the encoding.

HAVIS – Passengers information system
Information displays:LED, LCD and DOT/LED boards
CRT, TFT and plasma monitors
Time control: digital and analogue clocks
Connections with sound system and railway intranet
Control computer: Built-in sound card, loudspeaker for operators, built-in net card for connection to intranet, DCF receiver, implemented camera supervision, HAVIS software.
Remote control of PIS in other stations or stops.

MOZAS and MOZAT - Temporary station / line interlocking device
MOZAS and MOZAT equipment are used for temporary applications for stations/lines during reconstruction. Setting and cancelling of trains and shunting routes. Independent points and derailing switching. Electromagnetic locks control. Control of level crossings signalling devices. Emergency commands. Easy to change the configuration of the system and moving to other installation.

KAMES – Camera supervisory system
- Monitoring of station equipment and spaces
- Prevention and protection against vandalism
- Monitoring of passengers movement
- Monitoring of arrivals and departures of trains

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