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Company History
HY-POWER is a company specialized in electronic track-side lubrication systems founded in 1992 by Mr. Richard Gunacker. In 1994, the company merged with Flexomatic, becoming a major company with representatives in 18 countries. Thanks to its long experience in lubrication systems, HY-POWER has become a leading company in the international sphere.  HY-POWER devices are patented.

Product Range
Devices: HY-POWER lubrication systems reduce the noise level, the wheel and rail wear and the derailment risk.

Control Unit: HY-POWER offer the possibility to install a wheel counter or a train counter, allowing the dosage of applied lubricant to be adjusted in very fine steps and over a wide range. When the noise pressure level exceeds a pre-set threshold value, the lubrication process is triggered. Lubrication takes place prior to audible wheel squeals, highly reducing the lubricant consume, making the risk of over-lubrication disappear and preventing the rail track from being contaminated.

Pump: The especially developed HY-POWER barrel pump enables the lubricant to be sucked-in directly from the barrel. Only the pressure required is produced, depending on the tube/pipe length, diameter, ambient temperature and consistency of the lubricant. When the system is idle, the supply tube is not pressurized, ensuring lubrication to remain constant.

Structure-borne Sound Sensor and Wheel Counter: A sensor recognizes structure-borne sound induced by approaching trains and/or wheel squeals. There is no unintended trigger action possible. Environmental factors such as airborne noise or movements do not trigger the lubrication process. In the wheel counter, lubrication depends directly on the wheels.

Power supply and Installation:  There are three different options to supply power: through a solar panel, mains power or with storage accumulators. The base station can stand on a concrete base or hang on a mast or pole.
Standard barrels: 25 Kg, 50 Kg, 180 Kg. Maintenance costs are extremely low (no refill equipment needed; exchange of empty barrels is done within minutes).

Low Life-cycle costs: The system extracts lubricant directly from standard barrels. There is no filling equipment and no special containers needed. Thanks to its quick and easy exchange of barrels, there is an extremely low maintenance cost. Lubrication devices are made of aluminium and are shock-resistant. There is no danger of corrosion and the risk of particles or lubricant closing the openings is decreased. Lubrication devices do not need to be demounted in winter time.

Standards: HY-POWER Electronic Track-Side Lubrication Systems have been successfully tested according to the following standards: EN50081-2/1993, EN61000-6-2/1999, EN50121-4/2000, EN61000-3-2/1995   A2/1998   A14/2000, EN61000-3-3/1995.

Advantages: HY-POWER systems are universally suitable for rail flanks and rail heads, as well as for all types of rails and wheel rims. A continuous film of lubricant is applied over the whole wheel circumference. The lubricant is distributed over distances of up to 3000 m., and the distribution of the friction modifier takes place over a distance of up to 1000 m. Efficiency of application of NLGI 2/3 is 3 to 5 times higher than NLGI 00. Track switch blades are lubricated. Worldwide dispatch of spare pars within 24 hours.

Potential savings: the useful life span of the rail may be extended

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