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Vogel & Plötscher

Company History
Established in 1972 by Rudolf Vogel, VOGEL & PLÖTSCHER GmbH & Co. KG is located in Breisach am Rhein (GERMANY). For 40 years this company produces different fine mechanical tools and develops rail measuring technology. Starting with mechanical type of gauges, VOGEL & PLÖTSCHER begins the production of electronic track measuring systems in 1995. Engineering, manufacturing, develop and software design are all done “in house”, one of the reasons for the high reliability and quality of their products.  

Focused in quality, wherever tracks and turnouts need to be inspected, rail profiles need to be checked or train paths need to be built - all these tasks are accompanied by VOGEL & PLÖTSCHER devices.
VOGEL & PLÖTSCHER holds quality management system as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
Product Range
VOGEL & PLÖTSCHER develops and manufactures track measuring equipment, specially focused in:

Track and switch measurement
- MessReg CDM: Digital track & switch measuring device
- MessReg PTP: Digital track & switch measuring system
- RCAD: Digital switch gauge and cant measuring device
- R series
  • RA: Switch gauge measuring device
  • RCA: Switch gauge and cant measuring device
  • RCS: Track gauge and cant measuring device
  • RCFF: Track gauge and cant measuring device
- GG 718: Template for checking stock rail and switch blade
- RV21: template for checking and adjusting of track and cant measuring device
- SML: Gauge template for rail seats on sleepers

Track geometry measurement
- EMA Universal: Digital track geometry measuring system
- MessReg CLS: Digital track geometry measuring system
- MUL: Measuring device for lower structure clearance
- PFIA 1: General purpose versine measuring device
- SA-75: Track clearance measuring device
- VIG 1300: Sighting and leveling device
- WM: measuring bars for versines

Rail Profile measurement
- HMG: laser guided frog measuring system
- RMF-2.3E: Mobile, continuous corrugation measuring system
- RM 1200 digital: Digital corrugation measuring device
- RM 1200: Analogue corrugation measuring device
- P 110B: Rail profile recorder
- PMS: Digital cross profile measuring system
- SKM 1 & SKM 2: Rail head wear measuring device
VOGEL & PLÖTSCHER equipments and systems are used and approved by many Railway infrastructure companies worldwide, like DB in Germany, REFER and METRO DO PORTO in Portugal, ADIF in Spain, ÖBB in Austria, SBB in Switzerland, RFI in Italy, SNCB in Belgium,  Metro Helsinki in Finland, Metro Santiago in Chile, …

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