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Company History
Established in 1998 by Michael Schnaufer, EISENBAHNLAUFWERKE HALLE GmbH & Co.KG emerged from the repair and maintenance works of Deutsche Bahn AG in Halle/Saale. Currently in an area of 24.000m˛ where 8.600m˛ are for production, ELH has a production capacity for  more than 4.000 bogies per year for customers worldwide.

ELH invested strongly in modern technology for production and testing to make sure that each component for each bogie results in a flawless product. ELH provides also training courses for customers, repair and overhauling services and spare parts.

Focused in quality, ELH invests 3% of the annual turnover in development and innovation. ELH holds welding license as per DIN 15085-2 and quality management system as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
Product Range
ELH develops and manufactures bogies for use in freight railway wagons and railway track machinery:
  • Y-family: Y25, Y27, Y31, Y33
  • RC25NT – D / C / K
  • ELH 1 / ELH 3
  • HG2 – used in track laying machinery
  • HR2 – applicable for passenger coaches
  • Special solutions / customers applications
  • Spare parts / Welding components
ELH has a role on the field of innovative bogies, like new bogies low-noise; change-of-gauge technology, new freight units and dimensions, etc.
ELH manufactures bogies and parts for many countries in Europe, like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, United Kingdom, France and Scandinavia. Worldwide, ELH has supplied bogies for USA, Australia, the Middle East and China.

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