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Company History
AMESYS core business is to develop electronic hardware and software solutions targeted to specific hightechnology markets. In order to address those markets, the i2e group has structured its sales organization in strategic Business Units (BU), according to customers’ activities:
  • Aerospace, Telecommunications and Defence,
  • Transportation and Supply chain,
  • Energy and Industry,
  • Network and Security.
To reach this objective, our strategy is to thoroughly harness all types of technologies and combine them to create customers’ solutions:
  • Analog and hyper frequency electronics,
  • High speed digital electronics,
  • Secure and rugged on-board technologies,
  • Real-time data processing,
  • Distributed data processing: n-tier architecture, data bases,
  • Signal processing,
  • Radio communication,
  • Process control, automation and supervision,
  • Security software, biometry and cryptography.
Transportation and Supply chain
Facing these stakes, a subsystem or equipments manufacturer such as AMESYS is capable of meeting system requirements and taking into account existing interfaces: from radiocomm solutions, RFID readers, CALYPSO standard, mobile sale terminals to software distributed applications and data bases.

  • High knowledge level of Buscan protocol & Calypso standard.
  • Large experience in wireless connections (secured Wifi, Tetrapole, ...).
  • The ability to ruggedize equipments: display drivers, embedded calculators, etc.
  • Radio and hyper frequencies skills (up to 18GHz).
Product Range
Contactless Readers STELLA
AMESYS proposes a broad range of contactless readers ("Stella"), with CALYPSO and/or MIFARE standard, available with software drivers, and intended to be integrated in various types of equipments : validators, banking terminals, automats, parking terminals, PDA...

Compact flash
compactflash RFID module
AMESYS compactflash RFID module is mainly dedicated to ticket inspection, card reloading or tag scanning. It brings all RFID features (Calypso, Mifare, ISO15693…) within a simple PDA or rugged terminal.

ST 694 US series (30X / 320)
OEM contactless reader for ATM-kiosks
AMESYS 694 RFID reader is a versatile reader that can be used in several markets and several applications:
  • Ticket reloading in kiosks or ATM
  • Paypass transaction completion or more generally, contactless e-purse
table top contactless reader for PC or EFTPOS
AMESYS Stel Desk RFID reader is a versatile reader that can be used in several markets and several applications:
  • Ticket reloading at POS
small integrated OEM contactless reader for EFTPOS / handheld terminals
AMESYS Stel’ID RFID reader is a very integrated versatile reader that can be used in several markets and applications:
  • On board Ticket sales in driver consoles


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