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Schörling Rail Tech

Company History
In 1920, Heinrich Schörling, a senior engineer with the “Straßenbahn Hanover”, had already made his name with the construction of rail cleaning, rail moistening and equipment wagons for tram line operators in Europe, when he went into his own business with his special vehicle manufacture.

The SCHÖRLING WAGGONBAU GmbH & Co. in Hanover-Linden was the logical continuation of this success.

One revolutionary step was the development and construction of the rail cleaner with suction action which was patented as “System Schörling”.

The first vehicle of this type worldwide was delivered in 1938.

Also well known are the widely distributed rail grinding and curve lubrication vehicles, as well as the platform vehicles.

Numerous of patents and licences to other countries led to widespread international recognition and importance.

In 1967, Schörling presented the first overhead line mounting vehicle with track guidance – the foundation of another worldwide success.

In the following years, Schörling also built various sizes of road cleaning and road sweeping vehicles, up to airfield apron sweeping units.

However, in the mid-1990s, they encountered economic difficulties. The purpose and creativity of some employees was strong, the demand for customized special vehicles unbroken.

The tradition of well-known special and rail-road vehicles for public transport authorities was kept since 1997 by the former Schörling production manager Albert Brock in a newly established company, named SCHÖRLING-BROCK GmbH. 2007 an investor was taking over this company and so the general manager of former SCHÖRLING-BROCK, Mr.Heinrich Scheiter & partner founded the SCHÖRLING RAIL TECH GMBH, Sehnde.

Product Range
  • Rail-road cleaning vehicles
  • Tunnel cleaning vehicles
  • Overhead-Line Mounting Vehicles
  • Rail drive units
  • Multi carrier vehicles
  • Special vehicles
  • Rail maintenance vehicles
References in Portugal
SCHÖRLING-BROCK supplied one rail-road cleaning vehicle for TRANSDEV (operator of Metro of Porto) for cleaning the ballast surface, points and platform.

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