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Voestalpine Klöckner Bahntechnik

Company History
VOESTALPINE KLÖCKNER BAHNTECHNIK belong to a VOESTALPINE GROUP a unique worldwide group of companies that provides high-quality materials, high-tech rails and turnouts, including system-specific hydraulics and electronics, logistics and services, and system chain management

VOESTALPINE KLÖCKNER BAHNTECHNIK is based on a series of basic innovations in technology and rail and turnout logistics.
VOESTALPINE KLÖCKNER BAHNTECHNIK develop track isolation Rail Comfort System “RCS” and Rheinfeder System rail system to protect people and buildings, track and wheels of tram bogies.

VOESTALPINE KLÖCKNER BAHNTECHNIK solutions are consistently tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

Product Range
Rheinfeder System:
- Elastic grooved rail design for municipal transports-
- High structure-borne sound insulation.
- Economic design for closed track construction.

•Conventional and simple installation of the entire system, including track adjustment and gradient
•Rail replacement without destroying the entire system
•Protection buildings, historical buildings, hospitals, schools and sénior complexes (vibration in construction engineering DIN 4150-2)
•No track rods
•The elastic material is non aging and resistant againt effects of weather, ozone, oil, gasoline and dew salt
•Long service life and reduced maintenance
•Cost savings when compared to similar systems
•Solutions tailored to the customer’s needs


DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

- St. Gotthard Base tunnel
- Track Rectangle for VAG Nuremberg
- NBS Cologne-Rhein/Main
- Ice high-speed between Cologne and Frankfurt/Main
- Metro Luas - Ireland

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