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Möser Maschinenbau

Company History
The company MÖSER MASCHINENBAU was founded in 1994 as a result of the specialized machine construction for the overhead building part of the Deutsche Bahn in Rochlitz.
Their 25 years experience in development and manufacture of different machines and constructions for overhead building of rail vehicle systems (full rail, tram rail, crane rail, field rail and many more) of different kinds has made them a key player in the market.
Product Range
Rail transition press RO-V 95
Rail transition presses are used in rail welding works for the railways in order to produce the transitions between rails of different height.

Rail pulling and adjusting device for Vignol rails RO-V 118 (up to a length of 150 m/75 m)
The rail adjusting device is a stop device consisting of a section (recessed rail head and rail web) with draw hook. It serves the pulling on the foot of standing rails up to a length of 150 m from a wagon or the adjusting of rails in the track.

Rail-grinding spindle unit RO-V 119
The rail-grinding unit RO-V 119 is designated for an attachment at rail vehicles for the construction of tracks in the field of standard gauge railway. It is suitable for the grinding of rails of the types UIC 60, S 49, S 54 and similar ones. The geometric profile “DB 60” can be grinded on all rails in compliance with the specified tolerances. At this unit, there are 10 grinding spindles (able to swivel and feed-in) that can grind the rail head with cup wheels by means of a special programmable control.

Grinding machine for crane rails RO-V 129
Used for grinding work at all known crane rail sections: A 45, A 55, A 65, A 75, A 100 and A 120

Mobile rail transition press RO-V 131
Mobile transition rail presses are used at building sites for railway or tramway rail to connect transitions and rails of differently height.
Such transitions are necessary at different types of rails, for example UIC60 to S49 or R65 to S54.

Grinding machine for tram tracks RO-V 135 (A)
Used for grinding work at all known rail sections: Ri 59 / Ri 60, PH 37, S 49, UIC 60) and all other vignol rails.
At all rails, the rail surface, the rail edge, the grooved ground, and the check rail can be treated.

Grinding machine for rails RO V-135 V
Used for grinding work at all known rail sections: Ri 59 / Ri 60, PH 37, S 49/UIC 60 and all other vignol rails.

Two-way grinding vehicle RO-V 149
Used for grinding work at all known rail sections: Ri 59 /Ri 60, PH 37, S49 / UIC 60 and all other vignol rails.

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